About this Policy brief

This policy brief is part of the Nordic Council of Minister’s Localising Agenda 2030 in the Nordics initiative. It builds on a series of webinars produced by Nordregio since 2020 to foster dialogue and strengthen knowledge exchange among municipal and regional representatives, research institutions, and civil society networks working with the SDGs.  
The three-part webinar series in 2022 focused on the topics of steering and local leadership for SDG integration, developments of Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs) and indicator systems, and how to use public procurement to multiply sustainability efforts.
For more inspiration from Nordic frontrunners and other Nordregio reports on Agenda 2030 localisation, visit: https://nordregioprojects.org/agenda2030local/
See the webinar recording for Policy Brief #1 here: https://nordregio.org/events/steering-towards-a-sustainable-future/ 
Editor: Diana Huynh, Lisa Rohrer, ÅsaStrömHildestrand
Contributors: Nora SánchezGassen, MariWøien Meijer, Henrietta Nyström
Layout: Marija Zelenkauskė
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Research contact

Diana N. Huynh
Research Fellow
ISSN: 2001-3876
DOI: http://doi.org/10.6027/PB2022:1.2001-3876