Policy recommendations 

Eleven recommendations have been sketched to guide future work on food self-sufficiency and local food systems in the five island societies:
  • Increase access to locally produced food for restaurants, public institutions, and local citizens.
  • Address consumer behaviour, preferences and eating habits.
  • Explore new business models geared towards the local market.
  • Investigate possibilities for diversifying the food production, including the option of transitioning a share of animal-based food production to plant-based options.  
  • Develop a local strategy with an action plan and concrete goals.
  • Explore how public procurement can support the local food system.
  • Map local actors in the food system and establish or support local collaboration platforms.
  • Conduct local research and analyses to ensure that increased self-sufficiency leads to more economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable food systems.
  • Recognise that self-sufficiency holds different meanings in different contexts.   
  • Ensure a systematic approach to the collection of data for calculations of self-sufficiency degree and the self-sufficiency ratio.
  • Gain greater insight into the extent of privately produced local food that is sold outside the official market to ensure accurate understanding of the degree of food self-sufficiency.