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Affordable housing should be one of the main attractions of rural areas. However, this is often not the case. Housing in Nordic rural areas is expensive and often not fit for purpose. With increasing tourism, housing that could be used for young people is instead used for short-term holiday lets. 
Housing is more than a roof over your head. In fact, it is highly important that housing in rural areas is recognised as a key factor in establishing connections between the community and the environment. Multipurpose housing could be vital for the future of rural communities. 
We recommend: 
  • Ensuring more affordable, diverse, and accessible options for housing tenure in rural and sparsely populated areas.
  • Developing a housing development programme targeting young homebuyers, to engage young people in the building and restoring of homes.   
  • Investing in and modernising the idea of shared housing models. Shared housing alternatives could include multi-purpose services for young people, as well as intergenerational exchanges. Rather than encouraging young people to build residential buildings  for themselves, rural municipalities should seek inspiration from urban areas in which shared housing is common. 
  • Taking into consideration the target group when building new houses, so that municipalities work to attract a specific demographic. 
  • Setting up a public rural housing loan fund for young people to ensure their ability to enter the housing market, and to invest in building new property or renovating old houses. It is important to give young people an advantage in the rural housing market.