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The Nordic Rural Youth Panel’s Recommendations

We, the Nordic Rural Youth Panel, believe that: 
  • Rural youth need accessible and efficient transportation options. In order to achieve a just green transition in the transport sector, affordable public transport (including efforts to promote diverse and locally adapted multi-modal transport options) is a priority. 
  • Rural youth need more affordable and diverse housing options to ensure that they can access attractive private and public housing (tenure and ownership) that meets their needs. This is also strongly linked to service provision and opportunities for community engagement.
  • Rural youth need accessible and dynamic education opportunities at all levels and want clear links between education and training and the local labour market. 
  • Rural youth need to see existing and potential opportunities in their local labour markets, including through the provision of remote work options. This also connects to their access to rural housing. 
  • Rural youth need access to safe spaces and tools that enable discussion of mental and physical health, as well as access to recreational facilities. 
  • Rural youth need funding for public meeting spaces and social engagement initiatives to create stronger bonds and establish roots in rural areas.
  • Rural youth need to be met and reached on their terms, using their own language and platforms, so that they feel able to fully participate in policy processes as valuable members of society.