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List of interviews

City of Helsingborg (two interviews)
Danish Road Directorate
Greater Copenhagen
Grensekomiteen Värmland-Østfold
Helsingør municipality (two interviews)
Hovedstaden Region
Kvarken Council EGTC (two interviews)
MidtSkandia/Rana Utveckling (two interviews)
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Ministry of Transport, Norway
Norwegian Railway Directorate
Oslo-Stockholm 2.55
Osloregionen (Oslo Region Alliance)
Oslo-Sthlm under tre timer AS
Skåne Region (two interviews)
Stockholm Region
Swedish Transport Administration (six interviews with representatives from different regions and departments)

Interview guide (Semi-structured interviews)

Nordregio is currently doing a research project with Umeå University on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration about cross-border transport infrastructure planning in the Nordic Region. We want to ask some interview questions about formal and informal obstacles to cross-border transport infrastructure planning. The interview takes about 60 minutes.

1. We would like to record the interview for research purposes, is that okay? If we want to cite you, you will be asked first.
2. Looking at the overall picture, how would you describe the Nordic cooperation on cross-border transport infrastructure today?

3. You have indicated that you participate in the following collaborations...
To what extent would you say the actors involved have the assignments, mandates and resources to achieve their goals? What have been the main successes? What have been the main difficulties and areas of conflict?
Now we will ask some questions about informal enablers and obstacles to cross-border cooperation in transport infrastructure. By informal we mean language and culture, but also norms, values and different practices.

4. How do informal enablers and obstacles influence cooperation in cross-border transport infrastructure? Can you give examples?

5. To what extent are language, culture, norms or values an obstacle?  Can you give examples?
6. To what extent are different approaches to conducting planning and working with cross-border transport infrastructure an obstacle?  Can you give examples?
Now two final issues where we look ahead:
7. Should cross-border transport infrastructure cooperation be strengthened and, if so, what is more important?  
8. At what level(s) should it be strengthened?
9. Now the interview is over, is there anything you want to add?
Thank you for your participation! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us... The results of the survey will be presented in a research report to the Swedish Transport Administration in the spring of 2023. 

Steering group and Reference group

Steering group
Daniel Altensten, Swedish Transport Administration 
Peter Bernström, Swedish Transport Administration 
Jimmy Grandin, Swedish Transport Administration
Björn Hasselgren, Swedish Transport Administration, chair
Maria Öberg, Swedish Transport Administration
Reference group
Luciane Aguiar Borges, Nordregio (QA)
Helka Kalliomäki, Vasa University School of Management
Siv Sandberg, Åbo Akademi University
Gisle Solvoll, Nord University Business School
Wiktor Szydarowski, ESPON
Hans Westlund, KTH Royal Institute of Technology