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This report is the second and final report in the project titled NORDINFRA – “Nordic transport infrastructure planning – institutional barriers and opportunities for coordination” (Nordisk transport infrastrukturplanering. Institutionella hinder och möjligheter till samordning) (2021-2023).

NORDINFRA is a research project led by Nordregio and conducted by researchers from Nordregio and Umeå University. The project is financed by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket). The aim of the project is to increase knowledge about cross-border transport infrastructure planning in the Nordic Region. The project sets out not only to identify barriers to cross-border transport infrastructure planning, but also to highlight opportunities and propose measures to facilitate cross-border transport infrastructure planning.
The first report, Cross-border transport infrastructure planning in the Nordic Region – An introduction (2023), was primarily based on desk studies and provided background to the topic by taking a close look at the various transport infrastructure planning systems in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The report focused on questions including policy goals, the main players and their responsibilities, central elements of the planning process and analytical tools, as well as the role of the EU and the importance of Nordic perspectives and policies with regard to Nordic transport planning.
In this second report, we examined experiences of cross-border transport infrastructure planning were exemined by conducting interviews with stakeholders in three transport infrastructure planning projects in early phases. These case studies are the “fixed HH link” between Helsingborg and Helsingør; the Stockholm-Oslo rail link; and the link from Mo i Rana, via Hemavan and Umeå, across the Kvarken Strait to Vaasa.
The two reports are complementary. The first report furnishes background information, while this second report provides empirical data and a final, forward-looking analysis, including the potential for developing cross-border transport infrastructure planning in the Nordic Region. 
The reports are written by Anna Lundgren, Linnea Löfving from Nordregio and Lars Westin from Umeå University.  While a steering group with representatives from the Swedish Transport Administration and a reference group with representatives from academia have provided comments and input to the project, the authors are responsible for the content and suggestions for further improving cross-border transport infrastructure planning in the Nordic Region. 
Björn Hasselgren
The Swedish Transport Administration
Chair of the steering group