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The project extends its sincere gratitude to all speakers who generously contributed their expertise and insights to our 5G N-B MT events. While not all speakers are highlighted in this report (as some of the inspirational stories featured in the 5G N-B MT project events were from non-Nordic-Baltic geographies), their valuable contributions from various global regions enriched our understanding of diverse 5G applications across different scenarios. Their inspirational stories have broadened our perspective and enriched our knowledge base.
We also extend heartfelt thanks to our current and former Nordregio colleagues who played vital roles as moderators and technical assistants throughout the 5G N-B MT events: Alex Cuadrado, Alix Vuthier, Hjördís Guðmundsdóttir, Nicola Wendt-Lucas and Sofia Strömgård. Their dedication and support were instrumental in ensuring the success of the events and the launch of this report.
Furthermore, we express our gratitude to the Nordic Council of Ministers, specifically the 5G Expert Group for their invaluable guidance and feedback, and for generously sharing their contacts and networks. Their support has been instrumental in advancing our understanding and facilitating connections within the 5G ecosystem.
For more information about the event agendas and speakers, we encourage you to visit the website: DigiHub (nordregioprojects.org).