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What impact do climate change policies have on Nordic economies, industries, and households?

This report is the first out of four reports of the project “Ensuring inclusive economic growth in the transition to a green economy (EnIGG)”. The EnIGG project is a cross-sectoral project initiated and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and coordinated by Nordregio. It aims to increase knowledge on how to strengthen the Nordic economies in a challenging context and accelerate the green transition towards a climate-neutral economy while ensuring that these processes are inclusive.
The research for this report was conducted by researchers from Victoria University (Australia), Merit Economics (Finland) and Nordregio, with contributions from the Centre for Regional & Tourism Research (Denmark) and Reykjavik University (Iceland). The report analyses the impact of selected climate policy measures on Nordic economies, industries, and households.
Authors: Peter Dixon, Maureen Rimmer, and Glyn Wittwer (Victoria University)
Juha Honkatukia (Merit Economics), Carlos Tapia, and Nora Sánchez Gassen (Nordregio)
With contributions from Friðrik Már Baldursson (Reykjavik University), Jens Clausen (Center for Regional & Turismeforskning), Jacob Nørregård Rasmussen (Center for Regional & Turismeforskning), and Elin Cedergren (Nordregio)
Maps: Maria Bobrinskaya (Nordregio)
Edited by: Carlos Tapia and Nora Sánchez Gassen (Nordregio)
Publishing: Anne Katrine Ebbesen
Cover pictures: Anton B RB, unsplash.com
Layout: Kotryna Juskaite, Nordregio
Nordregio report 2023:10
ISSN: 1403-2503
ISBN: 978-91-8001-079-5
DOI: http://doi.org/10.6027/R2023:10.1403-2503
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